PM Auto Respond

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Compatible with: 2.0

This mod is something similar to a vacation responder in that it sends a PM to a user who sent a PM. The message and subject are customisable, so the auto PM can be totally unique.

It is based on permissions, so under membergroup permissions, a new entry is added to the centralized permissions management area under the category "Contact members using the personal messaging system" called "Automatically respond to incoming PMs".

Depending on certain criteria found in the incoming message, you can create different variations for auto response. This feature is very similar in nature to the PM Rules in SMF 2.

The choices of criteria are:
  • Sender's name
  • Sender's membergroup (will also work on additional groups)
  • Sender is a buddy
  • Message subject contains keyphrase
  • Message body contains specified phrase

Lastly, this mod uses hooks and no file edits.

Some screenshots of this mod in action:

Permission setting

Profile options: this is where the user can configure their auto reply options.

Adding a new filter: Use different responders depending on what gets sent to you!

1.1 - 5th Aug 2011
+ Added filtering options
! Some bug fixes, misnamed variables

1.0 - 18th July 2011
Initial release
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Subscription ID21
Price$10.00 USD
Supported Languages:lang-english:
CategoryPersonal Messaging
Compatible withSMF 2.0.x
Price (in USD)10 - 19

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