Passworded Boards

$10.00 USD Subscribe
Compatible with SMF 2.0 RC4 and later

After this mod is installed, password fields become available when you modify boards. Fill them to protect your boards with a password. Leave them blank to not require one.

The password is encrypted using the secure hash algorithm (SHA1).

The following areas are not affected by this mod:
  • The unread topic lists
  • All SSI functions
  • Post previews

Some screenshots of the mod in action:

Attempting to view an attachment posted inside a protected board

The new password fields as seen when you modify or add a board

Showing the posts of a user

Password prompt when the user wants to view a protected board or a topic from within a protected board

Viewing a list of all the recent posts made in the entire forum
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Subscription ID2
Price$10.00 USD
Supported Languages:lang-english:, :lang-english_british:
Compatible withSMF 2.0.x
Price (in USD)10 - 19

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