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This tool allows you to enable some internal debugging options in SMF, notably managing the raw query low, ability to enable errors in situ.

It also includes the ability to attempt to split errors out by category based on known mods; this is most effective when template evaluation is disabled. Mods that are normally supported:
  • Aeva Media
  • AJAX Chat Integration
  • Download System
  • EzPortal
  • nneonneo's Shoutbox
  • PortaMX
  • Pretty URLs
  • Project Tools
  • SimpleDesk
  • SimplePortal
  • SMF Gallery Lite/Pro
  • SMF Links
  • SMF Wiki
  • TinyPortal

Shown are error log categories. The last two have been detected as coming from mods.

The detection of mods is not retroactive. That means, it won't go back and figure out where existing errors are. It won't make them go away, either.

All it does is look at *new* errors and attempts to classify them in an attempt to help figure out where they are, and focus on the more critical ones.

Detection is not 100% certain, but is a 'best guess'; it is not always possible to say with algorithmic logic whether a particular issue relates to a particular mod or not.

For developers
This mod includes two hooks for adding more filtering options to error logging.
  • integrate_error_log_include - includes a file for the purpose of extending the logging options. Accepted variables:
    • $boarddir
    • $sourcedir
    • $themedir

  • integrate_error_log_known_mods - passes $known_mods, winch is an array. The format of your array should be thus:
    $known_mods += array(
    'aeva' => array(
    'txt' => 'Aeva Media',
    'filename_rules' => array('Aeva'),
    'error_rules' => array('aeva''Aeva'),


1.1 - 1st June 2012
+ Completely rewrote the array to make extending as easy as possible
+ Added support for three more mods: Dream Portal, Annoy User, and Post Ratings

1.0 - 3rd August 2010
+ Ability to enable SMF enhanced debugging
+ Ability to detect errors in different mods
Affectting SMF's behaviour
Compatible withSMF 2.0.x
Supported Languages:lang-english:
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