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Compatible with: 2.0 RC4 and later

This mod creates a user menu in a poster's information block while viewing a thread. I may add more menu items to this over time.

What it looks like in action - montage of Curve in Firefox, Curve in IE8, Happy Holidays in Firefox, Modern Dark32, and Mystic Jade (yes, it works seamlessly on all the themes I could find)

There are absolutely no theme edits here, and the way it's implemented, it should work reasonably well on any theme.

This is a mod I started months and months ago, and always wanted to do in a themeless way, which while possible prior to 2.0 RC3, was much harder to do than how I've done it, using a feature introduced in 2.0 RC3.

For developers
This mod includes two hooks for adding more filtering options to error logging.
  • integrate_user_menu_include - includes a file for the purpose of extending the logging options. Accepted variables:
    • $boarddir
    • $sourcedir
    • $themedir

  • integrate_user_menu_items - passes five variables:
    • (array) $menu - all the menu items
    • (bool) $can_pm - permission to send PMs
    • (bool) $profile_own - permission to view their own profile
    • (bool) $profile_any - permission to view annyone else's profile
    • (bool) $buddy - permission to add/remove buddies

1.1 - 10th June 2012
+ Moved the code to an external file, in the spirit of hooks
+ Changed menu display logic to be once per user instead of per message
+ Added two new hooks, as documented above
- Because of the added hooks, support for SMF 2.0 RC3 has been dropped
! Moved language strings to external file, to help with internationalization

1.0.2 - 30 December 2011
+ Tweaked layout via CSS to look better

1.0.1 - 17th August 2010
+ Added website link to menu too
+ Full English and English British language strings

1.0 - 5th August 2010
+ First public release
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Compatible withSMF 2.0.x
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