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This mod provides options for administrators to manage users who 'bump' their posts - by replying to themselves to get attention. Most notably this could be used in a support type forum where a 24 hour 'no bumping' rule exists, and used to actually enforce the rule.

Administrators can configure the following behaviours:
  • No action
  • Disable double posting entirely
  • Disable double posting for 24 hours
  • Automatically merge double posts
The rules can be enforced, or relaxed, for forum administrators though.

Note that the above can be configured either globally, or per-board.

It removes Quick Reply if a bump is not allowed, but does NOT remove the 'Reply' buttons, this is intentional and is set up to facilitate users receiving the error message, rather than asking (repeatedly) "Why can't I reply?"

This mod makes a number of complex changes under the hood. Mods that interact with the posting system may not function with it enabled, though have not been tested. Mods that may foul up with this, though this is by no means definitive or guaranteed, or tested:
  • AJAX Instant Quick Reply - Does not properly merge the post
  • Anonymous Boards - May merge anonymous posts made by different people and anonymity may not be properly kept

2.0.0 - 16th March 2022
Update for SMF 2.1 support
Use integration hooks to replace many file edits for both SMF 2.0 and 2.1; however, one file must still be edited on SMF 2.1 despite its many (hundreds) new hooks.

1.1.1 - 14th June 2011
! Mark only the merged message as unread, not the whole topic

1.1 - 20th Feb 2011
+ If a double post is found in a topic, offer a button to merge both posts together.

1.0.2 - 15th January 2011
+ Mark the merged message unread for everyone other than the poster.

1.0.1 - 13th August 2010
! Fixed where assumption made that last post would be examined; there are multiple cases it would not be, validly. Just remove old version and install new :)

1.0 - 6th August 2010
+ First public release
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Compatible withSMF 2.0.x
SMF 2.1.x
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