Topic Fields

$10.00 USD Subscribe
Compatible with: 2.0 RC3 and later

Topic fields lets you use custom fields in messages.

To add a field, go to the same area you would for custom profile fields (Admin > Features and Options > Profile Fields). If you don't see that option, it needs enabled in Core Features (remember to click Save!!).

Some things to note while doing this: Under Profile Section, choose Topic. The privacy settings don't really work; the first option enables the field for everyone who can post; all others limit it to admins only.

Topic view with a field embedded inside a message:

Custom field input in the posting area:
Membergroup ID34
Subscription ID22
Price$10.00 USD
Supported Languages:lang-english:
Compatible withSMF 2.0.x
Price (in USD)10 - 19

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