Anonymous Boards

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Compatible with: SMF 2.0 RC3 and later

This mod enables members to post anonymously in boards designated by the administrator. This rule can be relaxed for admins when using the full posting screen by unchecking the designated box in the additional options.

However, the notice for the last edit still shows the member's name. If this becomes a problem, don't edit the post!

1.1.1 - 11 March 2011
! Error when trying to view the topic which was posted anonymously with post moderation on - SMF thinks the actual poster did *not* post it, as strange as it sounds. And in case you're wondering, this "glitch"  won't be "fixed" because it's really normal behaviour and would require rewriting much of SMF's core functionality otherwise. Oh, and the checkbox is staying, too, to avoid an unnecessary and potentially illogical template edit.

1.1 - 10 March 2011
+ Anyone can choose to show their poster info when making a new post in an anonymous section
! Minor type that didn't adversely affect anything on the user's side
! All postings in all boards got anonomised regardless of whether the setting was enabled or not

1.0 - 3rd February 2012
+ Initial release
Membergroup ID20
Subscription ID9
Price$20 USD
Supported Languages:lang-english:
Package Idlive627:anonymous
Compatible withSMF 2.0.x
Price (in USD)20 - 29

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