Mods available on this site

Free Mods (2 packages)

Change All Subjects
Change subjects of all replies
Relative Dates
Replaces today's date with something relative to now; like 3 minutes ago

Paid Mods (20 packages)

Anonymous Boards
Post to a board anonymously
Prevent members from bumping their own posts
Approve Post
Allows posts to be required for approval on a board-by-board basis
Attachment Center
View attachments in a centralised location
Attachment MP3 Player
This mod adds the ability to play an attached MP3 file directly from the attachment display in a thread by inserting a Flash based player for the file.
Custom Board Icons
Changes your default board icons to custom ones
Custom Field Permissions
Adds permisssions for viewing/editing custom profile feilds
Daily Post Limit
Limit the number of posts a member may make in a day
Default Board Redirect
Changes the default redirection from the board index to a specific board.
Google Multi Map
Uses Google Maps API to make the map and put pins on the map.
Like This Post
Allows your members to click a link to like a post.
Link Previews
Transform bare links with metadata found from the site it links to.
Members Center
Passworded Boards
Protect your boards with a password
Pay per Post
Pay before a topic can be made
PM Auto Respond
Sends an automatic PM in response to a personal message.
Topic Fields
Lets you use custom fields in messages
Topic Notifications by PM
Sends all topic notifications as personal messages instead of emails.
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