Pay per Post

$10.00 USD Subscribe
Compatible with: 2.0 RC4 and later

This mod extends the paid subscriptions feature in SMF by ending the subscription once the topic is made.

The Paid Subscription module can be utilized for signing up to pay. Once the subscription is active, the member can have an additional group assigned him. The subscription would silently end once they make a new topic.

Board permissions on that specific board should be set up so that regular members cannot post a new topic while the paid group can.

When you modify a board, a new input box is shown where the subscription ID can be placed. The subscription ID can be found by editing the desired subscription and copying the number that appears in the URL after ;sid=

1.0 - 28th March 2011
+ Initial release
Membergroup ID26
Subscription ID15
Price$10.00 USD
Supported Languages:lang-english:
Compatible withSMF 2.0.x
Price (in USD)10 - 19

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