What is this?

livemods is the home to paid mods by live627.

What happens after I purchase a mod?

After you purchase a mod:
  • You get a full year of updates and support
  • Each paid mod has its own board

What about rebates? Aren't they allowed??

There are no rebates. Rebates aren't given because these are non tangible goods and once you gain access, this site cannot keep track of how many copies you obtained or whether you lost them. If you chance to lose one of these mods and your subscription expired, you'd need to re-purchase it again.

Copyright removal?

No copyrights are featured on any of these mods.

What is the license?

No redistribution is allowed under any circumstances. If you'd like to share, please point your friend to this website. Modifications are limited to your personal use only!!

Do any of these mods use hooks?

Hooks are used where possible, but that is excruciatingly limited.

See, hooks seem to be the future of mods nowadays. That is not a bad thing in itself; however, there is quite the heavy lack of hooks in SMF; in fact, some mods that use hooks also use file edits. Like SimpleDesk 2.0 or Dream Portal 1.1. That is not to say file edits are inherently bad.

One thing I should note for mods that avoid file edits is that they generally do not deeply integrate with existing functionality such as deeply interacting with topics or PMs because of the blatant lack of hooks. They mainly add new sections to enhance SMF. Although, as SimpleColorizer shows, the buffer hook can be used to work wonders.

Payment is pending even though I paid in PayPal

You need to contact live627 (website administrator) and let him know of your payment.

Am I allowed to run two or more copies of a mod?

Yes, you most certainly can! For example, if you wish to install one copy at http://www.example.com/forum1/ and another copy at http://www.example.com/forum2/, you will only need one license.