To comply with European Union law, we are required to inform users accessing "livemods" from within the EU about the cookies that this site uses and the information they contain. Cookies are small files that are stored by your browser and all browsers have an option whereby you can inspect the content of these files and delete them if you wish.

The following table details the name of each cookie, where it comes from and what we know about the information that cookie stores:

"Cookie"PersistencyInformation and Usage
SMFCookie934Expires according to user-chosen session durationIf you log-in as a member of this site, this cookie contains your user name, an encrypted hash of your password and the time you logged-in. It is used by the site software to ensure that features such as indicating new Forum and Private messages are indicated to you.  This cookie is essential for the site software to work correctly.
PHPSESSIDCurrent session onlyThis "Cookie" contains a unique Session Identification value. It is set for both members and non-members (guests) and it is essential for the site software to work correctly. This cookie is not persistent and should be automatically removed when you close the browser window.
SessionThese cookies are set to record your display preferences for the site's Portal page but only if a column or individual block is collapsed.
bb2_screener_Current session onlyThis cookie is supposed to be set by Bad Behavior, a security (but not tracking!) software installed onto this site. It checks each form submission for hsighly suspicious activity, such as unusual delays, or a sudden change in the user's IP address. It contains a Unix timestamp and an IP address.

This cookie has since been removed from this site (not the proprietary software).

Web Beacons
A Web Beacon, also known as "Web Bug", is a small device that's often in the form of a 1 pixel by 1 pixel transparent image with a URL link attached. Web Beacons can be used for tracking users but we do not employ any for this purpose. In fact, we do not use any.

Local Storage
Local Storage is a new way for web sites to store information on your PC and can certainly be used for tracking purposes. Our software does not make use of this technology.

Do Not Track
"Do Not Track" is a flag within modern browsers that would request a web application to disable their tracking of a user. Our software does not make use of this technology. The following popular browsers support "Do Not track":
  • Internet Explorer 9 and later
  • Firefox 9 and later
  • Safari 5.1only on Max OS X Lion
  • Opera 12
Note that Google Chrome and browsers based on the Chromium engine currently do not support "Do Not Track".

Further Notes and Information
  • All these cookies are first party, meaning that they all come from this website alone. No third party tracking software is enabled here, and that won't change.
  • If you are accessing this site using someone else's computer, please ask the owner's permission before accepting cookies.
  • Your browser provides you with the ability to inspect all cookies stored on your PC. In addition your browser is responsible for removing "current session only" cookies and those that have expired; if your browser is not doing this, you should report the matter to your browser's authors.
  • The law as enacted in the United Kingdom does not require site owners to obtain separate permissions for each and every cookie; a single acceptance action covering all cookies is all that the law requires.
  • We regret and apologise for any inconvenience this causes to members and guests who are accessing our web site from outside the European Union. It is not possible for us to reliably and accurately interrogate your browser and obtain geographic location information in order to decide whether or not to prompt you to accept cookies.

For further and fuller information about cookies and their use, please visit All About Cookies or the UK Information Commissioner's web site.

Subscriptions and Other
  • We offload all payment to PayPal. Once your payment has been confirmed, access to download the mod you purchased will be granted to you.
  • Any information that you elect to be submitted to this website will stay - will never be sold, traded, or otherwise exchanged with any third party.
  • All hidden content stays hidden. Any exchange on this site that is not within the public reach will never be revealed without the owner's permission.

Updated: 13th July, 2012